Working Mums in the Job Industry!

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Claire Gourley, our very own branch manager of Premiere People NI is located in the heart of Lisburn! Claire is a working mum herself and feels it is vitally important whilst having a family, that you still continue to pursue your career aspirations and achieve career advancement after childbirth. Claire has worked in a challenging environment of recruitment for over two decades whilst having two small children of her own. Yet she has not let the modern day child care prices and limitations affect her decisions and career opportunities.

"Did you know that one third of British working mothers are the main breadwinners of the family?" (The Guardian, 2015)

The recruitment industry is a largely female dominated industry, needing a level of highly organising capabilities, such as the ability to multi-task and operate with military precision. All of these abilities all form together for achieving top results. As you may already notice, these abilities are strongly demonstrated by most females in the industry, thus demonstrating how highly adaptive you need to be for a balanced work/life balance.

It is also suggested that over the past two decades, employment amongst single parents (majority woman) had risen dramatically from 47.1% in 1996 to 65.7% in 2014"  (The Guardian, 2015) suggesting that the increase of job opportunities are on the up for the female population.

Throughout the years, many businesses throughout Northern Ireland aim to benefit working mothers and provide opportunity for alternative working arrangements.

  • Flexible working hours have been orchestrated into most businesses throughout Northern Ireland
  • Job sharing
  • Part-time working
  • Temporary positions ( Premiere People supply the most jobs temporary, appeal to working mums, kids may be in school etc)

Your career doesn't have to stop with child birth, so don't let it!