What is Employer Branding?

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Employment branding may be regarded as an image, representation or impression which organisations create in order to attract current and future candidates to their organisation.  All employers would like to hire efficient, creative and knowledgeable ‘top talent’ candidates so that they may secure and guarantee the future success and stability of their organisation.

The prosperity of Northern Ireland is dependent on the skills of its workforce and companies have a duty to hire local workers therefore, employer branding is crucial;  also employers have never before in the history of advertising had so many tools in which to portray their employer brand.

Employer branding has developed as an important topic as regards ‘talent acquisition’ because the advantages of employer branding are obvious for potential employees, since employer branding actively demonstrates reputation and most importantly provides an opportunity for candidates to look inside a company, see its employees at work, and get an overall picture of a company.

Is a company mirroring their brand ethics and image when they interview a potential employee?  At Premiere People we cannot overstate the relevance of candidates seeing and witnessing people at work in a company because this is a ‘first-hand’ experience of considering whether or not it is for them.

As a recruitment agency we understand that people respond to people and it is for this reason that employee and candidate engagement is paramount in building a highly regarded employer brand.  We have had years of experience in dealing with people, clients and employees alike and essentially employer branding boils down to two groups of people, a company’s employees and candidates.

Why is employment branding currently so important?
We appreciate that a company may have the latest technology and up-to-date equipment but that alone will not guarantee success, because people are smart enough to observe a recruiting video as a “commercial” or when an email from a company is just a “pitch”. 

When a company actually listens and pays attention to a candidate prior to employment, it effectively establishes a scene for a communication model that will create an approachable and understandable company culture.  Also companies should bear in mind that this type of culture formulates a relaxed and comfortable on-boarding process.

The Influence of Globally Cultivating the Objective of ‘Branding’
Every company or country will be distinct in their brand for some industry strength or talent for whatever they may produce, for example if we consider Irish linen, for centuries linen was regarded as the ‘fabric of Ireland’, and in fact today the industry has an annual turnover of approximately £150 million and produces 40 million metres a year of quality cloth linen.  Almost 85% of this is exported to the USA, Great Britain, France and Italy.  Also international designers prefer to work with Irish linen mainly because of its unique natural quality and exclusive finishing techniques, which actually reduce the somewhat creased appearance of linen.

However, the Irish brand is extremely relevant because any fabric which is woven outside of Ireland and brought into Ireland perhaps to be bleached or dyed and consequently finished, cannot carry the Irish Linen Guild logo, which is the Guild trade mark and demonstrates the genuine Irish linen brand.  (We do in fact have our own Irish Linen Museum based in Lisburn, which details the industry’s rich history.)

Skill Shortages – Talented Candidates will Select Reputable Employer Brands
Why are there so many skill shortages in certain industries? Because of several factors: decrease in the birth rate; an ageing population and more alarmingly skilled workers are retiring and cannot be replaced, which has created a gap in certain industrial areas.  This is demonstrated by the fact that students prefer to study for non-technical degrees and most colleges and universities are lacking, in particular, engineering students.

Cost Cutting
At Premiere People we can clearly identify to just how important it is to recruit and retain loyal hardworking talented individuals, as less money is spent on re-training staff.   Good employment branding therefore results in staff retention. We realise, as a recruitment agency, that most companies are under immense pressure to reduce costs and boost their productivity.

Develop Organisation and Sustain Profits
If a company wants to maintain their competitive edge then it is development which is the key factor.  Employment branding will increase a company’s profit margin by recruiting candidates who possess: adequate skills; experience; and a good familiarity of their specific field or industry.  This will consequently establish a talent pool, to be groomed, cultivated and nurtured into the company’s ethos and will ensure strategic growth as well as continued productivity.

High calibre graduates and professionals would like to be employed by companies with a respectable and promising reputation.  Also, it is important and relevant to bear in mind that the consumer, corporate, and employer brands are all intertwined.

If an organisation is regarded as a first-class employer then this will provide them with a more bargaining influence and dominance.  Graduates and talented individuals alike will want to be employed by them; a company will have a more selective choice of candidates, which will consequently result in the guarantee of the company’s future success and accomplishment.