What attracts candidates to a particular role or company?

Category: Employment Trends

(Dependant on the level), lower level are driven mainly by money (hourly rate and potential for overtime), whether the role is permanent, location, access to public transport, shifts, if through an agency - which one? Paid weekly or monthly, holiday and sickness pay, access to smoke breaks, who the company is doesn't really concern them.

Middle management/Graduates are driven by salary, responsibility, potential for personal growth/learning, potential for career growth, Potential courses that they can attend to support their career path, The opportunity to lead, to be heard and acknowledged when they come up with improvements. Size of the company, will they be a good name on their CV? Is the company  a leader in what they do? What good news stories have they had recently,

Technical candidates are driven by the technical element of the role. Is the organisation using the most up to date software? Most recent processes? Opportunity to gain exposure to project management? Salary/package? How much is actually hands on? Size stature of organisation? Are they an IT company or simply have an IT function?

Management/Senior Management are driven by the size of the role, the level of responsibility, how much travel is required, salary and overall package including car and bonuses, What size is the organisation? what is their reputation like? may want to have a look at the company books, potential growth of organisation, what is the structure of the management team? Full organisational structure, who do they report to? Will they be responsible for other sites locally or further afield? How much autonomy do they have? What are the current targets/KPI's? What is company standing in it's market?

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