Retaining your best talent

Category: Employment Trends

As already mentioned, in lean companies it is important to hold on to your best talent, so you can maintain and even improve your efficiency levels, with less staff.

So the question we ask is how do we prevent our best talent from looking at job ads and if they do, they aren't tempted to apply.

It is equally important to make it very clear how much you value your existing staff, as it is for potentially new ones. They are probably more important to you as they are already contributing on a daily basis, you know what they are capable of and what you can do to support their development. (Please note it is important to remember we are actually talking about staff who you value here)

Everything you are prepared to offer potential talent needs to be available to existing talent also. If you have fallen in to the trap of taking them for granted, now is the time to act and plan reviews with them. This will allow you to plot a process that will demonstrate how much you value them. Review our Salary Survey to see where you stand alongside your competitors in terms of salary. Offer training and drive this forward . Well trained and highly motivated staff are happy, and are in turn productive and responsible, which will be of great benefit to your organisation.

Share the good news about the company with your workers, offer incentives for business improvement ideas, you could even consider a sports and social club for staff moral. Management style should be influential, getting staff to buy in to changes by making it clear about the benefits on offer.

To conclude, your success in 2015 as an organisation will be down to how you treat your greatest asset - people. Whether they be existing staff or potential new staff, at all levels, they all play their part. To quote Richard Branson:" Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don't want to!"

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